OPPO A54 vs A Sample: Should You Buy an Affordable Phone With Great Features?


Oppo A54 is the newest phone from Nokia. It’s arguably one of the best Windows Mobile phones available today. So why is it so different from other Windows Mobile handsets? The answer lies in the way in which Nokia has organized its own offerings in this space. If you buy OPPO A54 online, you’ll get all the value for your money.

The Oppo A54 comes with a memory card, a microSD slot, an accelerometer, and a couple of different cameras – both optical and digital. The OPPO A54 continues that tradition, offering a massive range of useful features (like 5G support, a dual camera, and a decent main camera for a much cheaper price) at such a low price so many more can appreciate the advantages of high-end stuff like Windows Mobile. But there are sacrifices, too. OPPO A54

The OPPO A544 and A539 have basically the same body style. The A544 has a bit more color but otherwise looks about the same, with the same curved body shape and plastic antenna band. The A539, on the other hand, sports a bit more color thanks to a nice silver strip around the edge of the phone. It also houses the microSD slot, instead of the microSD slot found on some A listed models.

You can buy OPPO A54 online as an unlocked mobile, but you can also buy it from some carriers. T-Mobile, for example, sells this model directly as an AT&T phone, but you can also pick up a refurbished A539 from retailers like Best Buy or Circuit City for $100 or less (which is always a great deal). Buying direct from the manufacturer gives you access to all types of OPPO A series handsets, and helps avoid high overage charges that you’ll incur if you buy T-Mobile or other unlocked phones with IMEI or EMA data.

One main difference between the two phones is their batteries. The OPPO A Series has a lithium ion battery which is a great step up from its predecessors. The A544, however, uses a lithium polymer battery. This is a step up in many ways, not the least of which is longevity. Since the A544 uses a polymer battery instead of a lithium ion battery, it should last four times as long as the A Sample.

Finally, you’ll want to consider whether you need quick charging or not. Between the fast charging capabilities of the HTC Desire and the lower power consumption of the A Sample, it makes sense to buy one of these phones if you want to use it while you’re on the go. Between a fast charging HTC Desire and the low power consumption of the A Sample, it’s easy to see why the Desire charges so quickly – and the same goes for the A Sample. With a little extra money on your side you can buy an affordable phone that has a lot of great features.

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