Hotel Room Service: When Is It Worth It?

Room service isn’t for the faint of heart, or should I say “the faint of wallet.” It’s usually associated with high prices, a built-in gratuity and small portions. But that doesn’t mean you should automatically pass up the opportunity to have your hotel bring your food or beverages directly to your room, in some instances it might actually be worth the extra cost.

For starters, if you’ve booked a hotel room to relax, paying a premium price so that you can stay in and chill out might be a worthy trade off. Many folks find hotels soothing, so it’s no surprise that many people book hotel rooms – even in their own cities – just to get away from the stresses of daily life. In this instance, relaxing in a calm room and eating a meal while you decompress might be worth the cost. I would certainly say so. 분당룸싸롱

And if you’re the romantic type, or maybe a honey-mooner, you wouldn’t want to waste any precious seconds away from your sweetheart. If you’ve got a motel room for the purpose of, well, expressing your true feelings, not only can room service provide you with more “alone time,” but it might even add an extra sparkle of romance to your evening.

Traveling on business and working remotely out of your hotel room? You might not have the luxury of stepping away from your computer or phone for enough time to grab dinner, lunch or even breakfast. While this was once simply a situation for the busiest executives, as our society becomes more and more mobile, more people are able to work away from the office – and many more are sent out on business trips to meet clients, inspect job sites or run projects. Nothing is more convenient while you’re on an important conference call than having your food delivered directly to your room; it sure beats losing business because of a growling stomach.

Handicapped or injured? Perhaps you are physically unable to leave your room, or at least unable to leave without significant effort or discomfort. Having someone deliver fresh, hot food directly to your room might be more than a convenience, it might be a necessity.

A quick note about tipping: Look carefully at your bill before handing the bellhop a tip, because a very high percentage tip is often built directly in to your bill. I’ve seen automatic tips top 25 percent in certain instances, plus an additional charge of two or three dollars. Unless you’re feeling overly generous, there’s no real point in tipping on top of a tip.



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