Confidential online sports betting strategies


Do you want to know how bookmakers and casinos have odds for you? The most surprising example of this is roulette, which has 36 red and black numbers plus a green 0 and (in the US) 00 a total of 38 selections. The proper is 18/38, and the fair payout for the $1 bet is $2,111. However, the house pays only $2 and keeps the difference. Therefore, profits are guaranteed.

A similar bias is observed in bookie coefficients for horse racing, football, and other sporting events. Bookmakers often make sure that the  ทางเข้า odds are in their favor. But setting these coefficients is more difficult for roulette as the calculations are more complicated.

So it gives a good chance to win. Can you think of a better way to calculate odds and beat the bookmaker?

Players have long played a strategy to beat the odds. But success is rare. Because the bookmakers are working hard to calculate the exact odds they often use teams of statisticians to study the historical data of sports such as football, and then develop complex patterns to determine the right odds for each game.

But even with a complicated method there are weaknesses in the work of the bookmaker. This is due to the way they hedge bets to prevent the possibility of large payouts.

For example, when two teams play football, the bookmaker sets odds for each team, defining a win, loss or draw outcome. Sometimes many people may bet on a specific outcome for reasons not related to the odds, for example, this team might be more popular than expected. In this case, the bookmaker is prepared for a large payout if this outcome occurs.

Thus, bookmakers can hedge their bets by offering better odds for opposite outcomes. So they attract bets that cover at least the potential loss. His method was very simple. They begin by assuming that the bookmaker can determine the odds well and that the quoted price is an accurate reflection of the true probability of winning, drawing or losing, as well as the margin itself.

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